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Two sisters studying Mandarin Chinese language and literature abroad at National Taiwan University for 10 months.

We’ll be using this blog mostly as a space to post pictures, videos, and musings that didn’t find a place in our [main blog posts], [photo albums], [Youtube uploads], and [Twitter feed].

Lara and I also got the opportunity to travel to Japan in February 2010. Our journey spanned Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto, Nara, Ohara, and Osaka over the duration of thirteen days. Catch up with our travels as we relive it through: [13 Days in Japan].

Most of the take-out cups in Taiwan are sealed with a plastic film that has colorful pictures printed on them, as well as a Chinese riddle. These riddles are often inaccessible to those who can’t read Chinese or understand the cultural component embedded within, let alone those who don’t have access to these special lids. From time to time, I will post the riddles I come across and attempt to explain them in English.


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